Have Your Sea Ray Here

You have the option of having your Sea Ray Yacht for sale on this web site.  Before I go any further, this web site is set up to get a lot of traffic.

There are two ways to get your yacht featured on this site:

Option 1 – List your yacht with me.  You can sign a multiple listing agreement with me.  By signing a listing contract, your vessel will get listed on all of our MLS sites, along with advertisement in national publications, and will be featured in this site and my other websites.  If you would like to discuss listing your yacht with me, please contact me anytime.

Option 2 – If you still want to sell your yacht and have an open listing with me, get fantastic exposure, get your yacht featured on this site but do not want you sign a contract, I can still help you try to find a buyer.  There will be no contract to sign unless I find a buyer.  If I find you a buyer we will sign a form protecting me just for the showing (I think this is fair and I am sure you can appreciate it), and you will only pay a commission if I’ve brought the buyer that purchases your vessel.  By trying to sell your yacht this way you will still have the option of selling your vessel on your own.  If you send me good quality photos and a good description on the vessel you are selling, along with proof of ownership, I will put your vessel for sale on this site – at zero cost to you.  Your yacht will not be advertised on any of the MLS sites and there will be zero advertising in national yachting publications.  I will network your boat just like you have a signed central listing – that’s my promise to you.

If you want to discuss an open listing or talk about signing a central listing with me, please call me at 239.707.9422 or fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly.

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